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BOM 2016

2016 there's a new Bom called:

"Ray of hope"

For this Bom I wanted to create the look of stained glass windows.

Each block measures 12" x 12" (about 30 x 30 cm).
 The finished quilt measures 45" x 59" (about 114 x 150 cm).
You can change the size by variing sashings or add an extra border. These blocks are also great for single projects. For example I used some of these blocks for bags.
I'm eager to see your ideas how to sew your blocks. There will be a gallery for the blocks each month and for your finished projects, too.

When you have some scraps for sashings or middle blocks left here's the pdf-file to sew them already now.


Fabric requirement

For paper piecing it's not easy to say how much fabric you will use because it differs a lot. I used about 30 cm (12") from the background fabric for each block but usually I need more than others. For the whole quilt including sashings and binding, I would recommend 5.5 yards. If you sew more economically, maybe you will need less.
If you are new to paper piecing of if you like to have enough fabric to sew a block twice if you aren't satisfied with the first one than add a yard.
If you want to know it exactely: Choose a fabric of which your quiltshop has got enough in stock. Sew one block, three sashings and two middle blocks and take this amount 12 times.

Bright fabrics: Perfect for scraps if they aren't too small. If you are not sure if it is enough, fold it till you have six layers and you will see it better.

I used scraps and bought some fabrics, too.

Or: If you like to have all your fabrics in special color shades: Most blocks consists of 7 different fabrics, only a few one of 8. You can buy 10" or 12" of 7 different fabrics and sew all blocks in the same colors. It will look great, too.



How can my picture appear in the guest gallery?
Send it per email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will upload it but it can take some days. Your picture should be at least 200 x 200 pixels that we can see something. Perfect would be 600 600 px but if it is larger it doesn't matter. Please use a standard format like jpg or png.
If possible, take a picture from the right direction (tip on top) that makes it easier for me.
Important: Please write always the name you want to see below the picture in your mail when you send a block. It takes a lot of time to change the name.

Why is my picture not in your gallery?
I only upload your picture in the gallery when you sent it per mail so I am sure that you really want it.
But you can show your block on your own blog or at facebook or where you like.
Of course it could happen that an email is missing. If it doesn't appear even when you sent it, please try it again when it takes more than two weeks.

I'd like to take part. What should I do? Do I have to subscribe to your newsletter? Or somewhere else? 
No. All you have to do is to wait for January. 

Is it in English language? 
Yes, but there are not many instructions. If you are a bit familar with paper piecing, you don't need much text. 

I don't know how to paper piece.
There are a lot of instructions or videos on the internet. For example here:
or a video
Take care that you are looking for paper foundation piecing and not for English paper piecing. That is something very different.

Before starting, try a simple free pattern like the first heart or the inverse heart:

Do I need special paper?
Some use special paper like freezer paper or else, some remove the seam allowance before sewing, some don't. There a several methods. I use no special paper, just printer paper and I remove the seam allowance of each sections when I sew the patterns together. But I'm using a very small stitch length: 1. That's the smallest stitch where the paper won't remove itself while sewing but removing the paper in the end is easy. 

I can't wait. Can I buy all the patterns now?
You can buy missing patterns or all of them in the end. But not now, because otherwise there won't be a surprising mystery effect.
But there will be a preview of each block one month before.

I'm looking forward to see your blocks and hope we all will have much fun!

Please note:
Creating these patterns is a lot of fun but a lot of effort, too. Please respect the copyright and don't give the pattern away. It's for your own use only. Thanks!


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Block of the months are available for free for one month.

After that, like for all other patterns:

This pattern is available in the following shops: