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BOM 2013

How does it look in 2013?

Very well! :-)
At least, concerning the BOM!
There will be a new project, and that you can already imagine something - it's called:

"My home is my castle"

There will be 12 easy to sew blocks of the month with a size of von 8" x 8" (20 x 20 cm), suitable for beginners, too.
BUT... those, who are yet experienced don't need to make a berth. You can sew a simple version - also this one will look great at the end. For example, I sewed a "minimum version"


I've listed my fabric usage below, but it's just an example for a minimal version.


0,5 m blue0,5 m blue 0,4 m white0,4 m white 0,3 m light yellow0,3 m light yellow
0,3 m light ocher0,3 m light ocher 0,2 m brown0,2 m brown 0,3 m red0,3 m red
0,1 m black0,1 m black 0,3 m green0,3 m green 0,2 m light green0,2 m light green

You could (and should) use completely different fabrics, too. The design offers many, many ways, to decorate the whole thing!

Whether you design your castle in a fairy-tale way with soft paste colors, or you give it a rustic look with naturalistic looking fabrics, which look like stone walls, wood or tiles... whether you keep the windows dark, or illuminate some of them or let somebody look out of a window - that's all up to you!

Those who can embroider will find even more options! Winds along the wall, a tendril or have our damsels in their sewing room even mounted curtains? Maybe even a few cobwebs can be seen, or there are a few indicated birds or shining stars in the night sky?
On this BOM, I'm very curious to see your creative ideas, because you can put in a lot of fantasy in the colors and decoration! :-)

You don't have to obtain all fabrics from the beginning, on the contrary. It certainly makes more fun to decide every time from new, out of which the next part of the castle is sewed.

The order is this time from top to bottom, so you can finish towers or buildings, which use more than one block, on the next following block. Who wants to sew a special border (instructions are available for those, who send me a picture of their tops), I recommend to optain another 20cm of the blue background fabric, and another 15cm of the green hill fabric.


As always on sewing on paper, the fabric usage is just a raw estimation and can vastly depend on how tolerant or economical you work.