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BOM 2012

The star blocks, the large and small squares and the starlets can be sewed in rows, like you can see here on the finishing:


You can either order single blocks for 1,50 Euro, or all 12 PDF files for the complete quilt for 12,95 Euro.

A block, printed with 100%, has got a final size of 10 inch (approx. 25 cm).

You get the blocks as PDF files for private use only. No copying or giving away, please!

This pattern is available at:

Sues Quilt Shop


My finished star quilt.
It hangs in our staircase, for the photo call, it was taken into our living room. The jacs on the upper image egde are from our living room lamp and are not part of the quilt! ;-)

My quiltMy quilt


Angelika Jauss
Celine Chabot
Doris Koerner
Erika Kornek
Ingvor Karlander
Barbara Rentsch
Sandra H.
Anges Wagner-Nosbusch
Joke Pieters
Merce Fortuno
Leonore Vogel
Renate Haimerl
Monika Sauer
Gonny Veldman
Monika Agrikola
Ines Raguse
Carolin Storz
Annica Sternad
Zofie Korsikova
Sandra H. gequiltet

 sole Zodiacstars

Claudia Escher